Executive Chef, Food Consultant; Cork, Ireland.

Ali Honour, born in Oxfordshire (England), has been an innovative and climate conscious chef for more than 25 years. His commitment: “with food that respects the environment, animal welfare and consumer health, it is possible to create creative and tasty cuisine”.

Honour, which has signed the Chefs’ Manifesto (UN SDG2 Advocacy Hub), is currently promoting legume cooking; Beans is How, as a source of alternative, affordable and nutritious protein.

Previously, on television cooking shows and in magazines, she promoted various Irish products – honey, vegetables, dairy products, preserves – always in direct contact with producers.It runs in his family: a grandfather, who owned a butcher’s shop and a pub, raised calves for which he won numerous awards.

From the other grandfather she learned to grow fruits and vegetables and use them in the kitchen. And she had a baker grandmother, who cooked good dishes with whatever she had on hand.

Recently, after 13 years running her own business, Ali took on the challenge of being executive chef, leading a large team, at the Imperial Hotel in Cork.

Her designation set a new strategic direction for the hotel: gastronomic offer with quality, local and sustainable food.

The chef modified the menus and developed a zero-waste approach.

Finally, with a vision for the future, she trained new staff, sensitive to the fight for sustainability.