Aquanaria, whose origins date back to 1973, is the pioneer company in the Spanish marine aquaculture sector. In 1989 it moved its activity to the Canary Islands, a paradise of marine biodiversity, looking for the beaten and oxygenated waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the perfect ecosystem for sea bass.

Thus, for several years and after detecting a need in haute cuisine due to the scarcity of this fish because of fishing limitations, Aquanaria is exclusively dedicated to the breeding of large sea bass that are chosen by the best chefs in the world and applauded by the most prestigious food critics.   

A careful breeding process, committed to quality and environmental sustainability and that contemplates animal welfare policies, gives as a reward, a product of excellent gastronomic characteristics.

Apart from its large size, the main characteristic of the Aquanaria sea bass is its texture, firm and smooth but very juicy thanks to its infiltrated fat, so highly valued by chefs. This fat is nutritionally very interesting because it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids with heart-healthy properties. In addition to this, it is the only aquaculture company that displays a certificate of fish raised in an anisakis-free environment.

Aquanaria fishes to order and within 48 hours the product arrives to restaurants in 24 countries in the 5 continents with the maximum freshness.