Chefs and Owners, Disfrutar Restaurant, Barcelona, Spain.

“We believe in what we are and in what we cook as we know, without giving up anything of what we have built until now and with the commitment to excellence and customer service as the backbone of our project”.

Chefs at elBulli for 15 years (1996-2011). We accumulated 15 years of experience as head chefs at elBulli -led by Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler-, whose cuisine was considered the most influential of the 20th century by critics and professionals in the sector.

Between 1996 and until the restaurant closed in July 2011, we were part of the creative kitchen team.

And we remained active working, next to Ferran, in the conceptualization of Bullipedia until November 2014.

And in 2012 we decided to become partners. Being 100% independent, with no third parties in the business. We are totally autonomous and free.

The creation of the CXC brand was born out of the need to encompass all the projects we currently have under the same umbrella, without intervening in their own characteristic images.